Retail technology with safety and quality indicators

The pandemic has redefined countless parameters that previously regulated quality standards of service or experience. What is effectively a tough challenge for companies is also a unique opportunity for retailers to reconnect with consumers in new ways.
– enabling omnichannel technologies in store
– apply measurement criteria to the environment within which the experience takes place.

In this scenario Munogu designed Space Saver, a technology that helps to manage in store social distance and at the same time analyzes quality and performance of the environment.

The Business Intelligence system integrated in Space Saver is aimed at achieving the following objectives:

collect actionable data: data collected by space sensors placed in the environment (office or shop) are pre-processed and then sent to the aggregator which in turn, on a daily basis, makes them available as Json like data source for BI system.
The data source is then analyzed by BI to provide a "dashboard" from which you can quickly obtain key information selecting geographic clusters, tags of groups of stores, individual shops and/or specific time ranges.
extendibility and integrability: the information structure of data sources and the Json like approach allow the use of data sources also in external contexts, for example in other BI systems (Kibana, Data Studio, Klipfolio, Tableau, etc...).
decoupling of the BI system from the data production platform: the infrastructural separation of the system that produces aggregated data sources and the data production process mitigate the entropy. This approach allow to modify the adapters system without impacting the service delivery system.

TCO containment and scalability: the pre-processing activity allows the efficiency of the data aggregation process, this means a peer-to-peer-inspired design that allows a reduction of the central processing costs and an improvement of the fault tolerance even if one of the nodes (office or shop) is temporarily unavailable.
creation of a proactive reporting system: in addition to the BI system for specific and extemporaneous investigations, it is possible to set up a system of "triggers" (cd. "dynamic reporting") that allows the BI system to send, periodically and independently, specific notices on the most significant trends associated with KPIs and to suggest coded "next best actions".

Let’s look at the "value" elements of the Space Saver suite in terms of significant and measurable contribution to the improvement of business activities, with reference to:

- environmental productivity indicators (informative contribution).
- efficiency of service and support staff (process contribution).
- moral suasion strategies (cognitive contribution).
Space saver’s Indicators design is driven by the goal of providing practical and relevant tools for making critical decisions in a data-driven context.

Instantaneous and periodic generation of environmental productivity indices

The Business Intelligence system integrated in the Space Saver suite provides retailers with the following indicators:

TUI productivity index (Utilization Rate): identify environments ( e.g., shops or offices) with differential performance (best/worst) in terms of the ability to manage the inflow and journey of customers and to standardise an assessment process of the economic exploitation of spaces.
What decisions help us to make?
TUI informs us, with a "journey centred" approach of which shops are most under pressure in terms of inflow.
IDS Security Index (Social Distance Index): identify environments with criticality (best/worst) related to social distance policies.
What decisions help us to make?
TUI IDS informs us, with a "journey centred" approach of which UP have the most critical issues in terms of compliance with the policies on physical distance and the relative degree of such violations, enabling us to intervene specifically in the areas where risk occurred.
Safety productivity index TUI-IDS
Identify environments with critical performance in terms of the balance between store performance and the ability to manage social distancing policies.
What decisions help us to make?
TUI-IDS informs us, with a "journey centred" approach, of which store record the highest/lowest number of violations of the rules on distance and whether these are attributable to an underdimensioning of the store compared to potential users or other factors (poor care of care staff, poor cultural propensity to follow the rules, etc.).

Efficient contribution to service and service value

With the adoption of Space Saver services, the aim is to encourage the work of service or assistance staff in the shop and to equip themselves with the tools to assess their effectiveness without impacting on the prerogatives and procedures that are already implemented at the point of sale.
The optimization levers are:

evaluation: to create a tool for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the operator’s action.
motivation: the operator, aware of the monitoring programme, is likely to be pushed to improve his performance, the possible use of moral and/or economic gratification programs could also add elements of gamification capable of triggering further virtuous patterns in terms of impact on the operator’s commitment.
tools: equipping the operator with new intervention tools and support to his activity
automation: the partial automation in hazards reporting processes and access rules introduced with Space Saver allow a lightening of the pressure on the operator, an objectification of his intervention and the partial elimination of a series of interventions that expose the operator to proximity to customers.

Strategies of moral suasion (cognitive contribution)

Space saver is a system that can implement moral suasion or behavioral change strategies.
The presence, explicit and communicated, of a automated system that detects violations of the rules on social distancing, can trigger a preventive behaviours of self-censorship, meaning a natural propensity to observe the rules.

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