Embrace a Segment-based approach with experience marketing

Companies that are adopting solution to identify Users in Real Time are moving toward that marketing maturity that represent the future of retail.
Learn from Customer by gathering exhaustive on-site information means embracing an adaptive strategy able to interpret important context variables.
Recognize and predict expectations allow to communicate through personalized messages and interactive digital content.
Munogu offers innovative solutions to catch customer’s attention and enable interactive experience.

DreamSense: a multi-sensory retail interactive experience

DreamSense offers interactive experiences with a technology hidden approach, Natural User lnterface and interaction analytics and, as many others Kiosk-based experiences, it is also available in “Live mode”, enabling the user into the store to share contents and infos with other remote users, letting them partecipate to the journey in a completly new way.
How it works?
Dreamsense technology can be integrated into shops furniture and shelf. By lifting an items, the customer will activate the media connected with RFID or HDTR (video, localized audio and optionally scents), so the user is gently immersed in a multi-sensory infotainment UP moment of the journey.

Like Browser: an interactive catalogue to Inform & Play

Like Browser is part of Kiosk experience suite, is the interactive “touch-less & device-less” experience available in the store screens, that allows users to browse digital content with a full omnichannel approach, create a wish-list, get promotion or discount on products in indoor/outdoor spaces.

How it works?

Using the hands and swiping left and right users can browse on-target contents and communicate their preference by the real ‘Like’ gesture, matching wow! effect and gamification expectations of the leads.
Unlocking vertical content related to the ‘Like’ in line with pre-defined business goals (awareness, engagement, subscription, on-line pre-sale/sale) complete the shaping of an effective UP moment in the customer journey .

Point@: the revolutionary "street App" to engage customers in a surprising way

Point@ offers superior interactive experiences which help to increase both visits average time and conversion rate, based on Natural User lnterface and can unlock original and gameful experiences without using any kind of devices or weareable. It is an effective solution to make display windows interactive and turn them into an effective drive into store tool.

How it works?

Passersby may physically point at an object inside the display windows  and discover, even in large format, images, promotional messages, video and audio related to the selected product.   

All Munogu experiences are designed to Engage through “Wow! effect” and enrich retail experience in a fully GDPR compliance.



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