Retail innovation means also empowering the experience

When we talk about retail innovation we mean a change that includes a rapprochement between online and offline, that is, those technological processes and solutions that aim to implement an omni-channel strategy.
The omnichannel is inherent in the natural purchasing behavior and the customer expects to be able to start its online process and to conclude it online or, vice versa, to start it offline and access online services related to what is purchased in the store.

Retail innovation is therefore combined with further concepts:
quality and customization of the service, optimization of the sales process or business strategies.
These qualities undoubtedly provide a competitive advantage over competitors. According to a research carried out by the Digital Retail Innovation Observatory , 70% among retailers surveyed in Italy say they want to concentrate future investments in solutions aimed at improving their internal processes.
- 34% showed interest in CRM solutions,
- 27% towards product tracking systems via RFID and ERP systems
- 25% towards in-store analytics and business intelligence solutions.
Knowledge of the customer needs,  managing the relationship and empowering the experience remain crucial and computer vision proves to be an effective technological solution.

What is computer vision?

Computer vision is a discipline that uses data acquisition methods aimed at processing, analyzing and understanding images or sequences of images from the real world. The ultimate goal is to produce information, understand the environment and behavior of individuals in this space.
Retail innovation becomes real and tangible only if it improves the customer experience and does not become invasive from every point of view.
Computer vision and biometric technologies can be used to enrich or improve the user experience in full compliance with the privacy policy.
All Munogu retail technologies are designed and developed to ensure complete respect for security and privacy for customers.

Another important factor that retailers should prioritize in retail innovation is the visual impact that technology can have on the shop environment.
When technology is visible and not only perceived as a service, it can have a negative impact on experience. For this reason Munogu has always adopted a technology-hidden approach that means not to disturb the environment in which people move but at the same time to ensure that the environment meets the expectations of the user.

Environment and context are important in the configuration of retail technology solutions and for this reason Munogu is used to working in agreement with retailers to understand needs and strategies. This phase of knowledge of the context is necessary to allow the application of systems of measurement of the performance of the store and to measure the quality of traffic in the stores.

Retail innovation becomes an evolutionary paradigm as the visit to the store becomes more and more a moment of experience and learning.
This means that the demand for experience in the store accompanies or precedes the demand for products or services. Even the time spent in the store acquires value. That’ s why for retailers it becomes decisive not to neglect this aspect and invest in technological solutions that enable the marketing experience.



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