The purpose, opportunities and benefits of responsible innovation

Bringing technological innovation into retail today more than ever becomes an act of social responsibility.
Making every effort to contain the potential spread of contagion is a moral imperative for any company, convenience and necessity is added to the moral duty to contribute to the creation of healthier work environments for all: employees and customers.

A concrete and transparent responsibility towards its primary stakeholders means accepting the propensity to innovation as something necessary and natural. In the same way, the rapidity in reacting to the new environmental conditions leads a company to certify itself as a responsible innovator.
Positioning as a responsible innovator is the real point of detachment that guarantees competitiveness and often also represents a real opportunity for internal and external communication to the company (media coverage).

Innovation is an essential requirement for the future of a company and for the future of retail and is inextricably linked with security.
For example, social distance detection and space monitoring technologies allow the creation of healthier environments through statistical detection and the instant issuing of audio/video alerts that deter users from holding dangerous behaviors. 
But what are the aims, opportunities and benefits of responsible innovation?

Protecting the health of employees

A healthier working environment is the prerequisite for being able to ask your employees to continue to carry out their tasks with serenity. Understanding the value of their health is not only convenient but also necessary.

Motivating the employees

Employees feel reassured to travel to the workplace in safer conditions, are encouraged to convey a sense of gratitude to customers and create the conditions for a more serene environment even in relational terms.

Mitigate the anxiety

With the health emergency approaching a public space, we live in a state of indefinite anxiety, resulting from the lack of control over the variables that determine our safety. The perception of the company’s active commitment to equipping itself with tools that allow it to raise the levels of this control contribute to mitigate this negative emotional state.

Get a new "memorable" awareness

Customers live this attention towards them in differential terms compared to competing brands, the perception of care and commitment to them spreads to the general perception of brand values.



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