How technologies can help manage the social effects of social distancing

The quality of customer experience will be hardly affected by the quality of public health. The social side effects of social distancing brought by the pandemia is a crucial aspect in shaping the customer experience and deserve acute attention.

“Preventive measure” is the safe word to go back to shops, public places and common areas.

Governments are thinking about the procedures and regulations for the reopening of activities in complete safety.

Retailers know that  priority number one is to guarantee the recommended social distancing guidelines, take some technological preventive measure to manage store traffic and social distancing provide tools and services avoiding touch screen and shared devices.

But there is also another aspect. Keep on staying connected with customers with a different and safe approach will be a challenge in the new normal.

Customer, employee and store associates could get anxious in social interactions therefore the purchase funnel could be wildly more complicated then before. 

Technology could help to mitigate the effects of social anxiety by enabling effectual funnel without forgetting that the lack of social connections will require a very attentive care.

It will be necessary to re-think the way retailers and brands provides services and product. Customer services, omnichannel strategies, marketing automation and loyalty program will became increasingly important.

The silver line for marketers is that now more than ever, everyone can understand the usefulness of data mining  with tracking technologies and in-store analytics.

Indeed, as well as video surveillance also these technologies help to determine public safety and health and they will be be more and more perceived as useful and innocuous.

On the other hand technology is overtaking the theme of personal information. We're kind of sensitive about giving out personal data but advertisers no longer need it.

It’s not a matter of personal data, behavioural data are much more interesting and are the really significant.

Aggregated data do not contain information from which individuals can be identified so retailers can take advantage from traffic analytics while respecting General Data Protection Regulation.

Can we expect privacy to become a secondary priority? Maybe after months of confinement at home we will had have enough about privacy.

What is certain is that humans are social being and crave to be connected, therefore the impulse to come back to live sociality is stronger than that of building walls of privacy.



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