4 ‘must-have’ retailtech solutions for a better and safer customer experience

Time to plan the future of retail and time is ripe to conceive new ways for providing products and services. At a time of difficulties and economic crisis, retailers are endeavoring to find ways of boosting sell, reducing costs, making things quicker, easier and safer for public health.

Here are 4 ‘must-have’ retailtech solutions to face the crisis brought by the global pandemic and to take a giant leap into the future of retail.

Adopt a queue management system to preserve social distance

First of all comes respect for public health, business comes bound together with safety. This will be the assumption. are retailer ready to change completely their way to approach customers and manage public space and store environment in the correct way? Queue management is revealing crucial  for the supply and distribution of service. This is a conditional environmental indicators to consider a store compliant with public health standard. Adopting a queue management system will be a differentiating factor to face the consequencies of the trauma brought by Covid-19 pandemia.  Space Saver is a queue management solution that help to organise the instore traffic and inform waiting customer about the correct way to behave in case of crowding. SpaceSaver also comes with powerful analytics that help to set predictive strategies and improve the customer care

Replace touchscreen and other public device with touch-less app

"touch with your hand" will never again said. it is not necessary to be alarmist but customers will never again be held hostage by fear next time they come back to normal life.That's why the following will be the musthave for public offices and shops:  Provide customers with effective service and touchless interaction. Retailer must to find them ready enabling omnichannel experience and replacing every touchdevice with a touch-less ones.  Natural User Interface and spatial sensor will be the winner strategy to approach experience and service design.

Understand consumers’ expectations from voice-driven application and deliver relevant information

What is happening in digital scenario has been borrowed from real, but the reverse is also true. Voice commerce and hot word detection should be applied to shops as a strategy to improve the stopping power od displays or to improve instore experience. Have you ever thought about a dynamic windows display that answer customer search or a display windows that allow you to be available at all times for your clients? le't talks about a listening tools, an hot word detection tool  for retail, a kind of voice commerce applied to real world with a total privacy respect ensured.

Adopt in-store analytics tool to collect and process data about store traffic and store potential.

At a time of difficulties like those we will be called to face in, each action have to be measured, each choice and each strategy should be supported by statistical findings and confirmed by data engineers. The next future has a silver line because computer vision and machine learning comes to help. Kiosk analytics is an instore analitycs platform that enable retailers to offer the highest standards to their customers starting from the comprehension of their characterictics, habits, needs behaviour and preferences.

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