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Your customers are the center of your business. Munogu tells you how many, when, how and from where they come from and, thanks to the partnership with BBC, we can also reveal the impact of this data on sales!

Whether it's a single shop or an entire chain, the stores have a lot to tell.

We are happy to announce the partnership with BBC Technologies to provide an integrated system to learn and make the most of the data of your touch point. Together with BBC Technologies we provide customizable and scalable solutions, quick to install, simple to manage and affordable, regardless of the type of client company.

BBC Technologies is specialized in the development and integration of vertical proprietary software solutions for Retail and telematics and in the management of multi-brand store assets, standard sales stations, servers and devices.

Munogu's In Store Analytics and BBC Technologies IPos and Sma.RT give you the possibility to easily monitor, respond to and improve every interaction that the customer has with your company in every moment of the Customer Journey, helping you to make decisions based on data. The Customer Journey is fully analyzed: before entry, in the store and at the time of sale!

Intelligent Point of Sale - IPos

IPos is innovative sales management system, able to simplify the complexities that lie behind the world of sales today. Due to its simplicity of use and the ability to integrate with various Retail systems, it is able to adapt to any requirement satisfying the needs of both small shop and the large chain.

ipos-options-01 ipos-options-01

Sistema Monitoraggio Automatico RT

Sistema Monitoraggio Automatico RT (Automatic Monitoring System) in SaaS mode without maintenance costs, constant updates in line with the directives of the AdE, web based and User friendly - simplicity of use and usability of information.

The major features:
  • manage the reporting of transmission failure
  • check the status of the Telematic Recorders
  • reading of the details of the day's sales
  • check the files accepted / rejected by the AdE
  • remotely update the TR Firmware
  • view the data sent to the AdE with fees, VAT, returns, cancellations

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