Retail Apocalypse or Retail experience restyling? How global cosmetics industry and make up shops will face the return on experience.

The cosmetics sector is an innovative, frenetic sector and is used to respond quickly In relation to the behaviour of the target audience. Also in this context, with the pandemic, cosmetic brands have been able to take the opportunity to invest in the brand building and CSR.
Being adaptive and changing in relation to the context is the key to dealing with the new Normal especially for an industry that is based on empathy, emotional levers and in store experience.
It’s a matter of fact, for cosmetics and perfumery, in store visit to test the product is often the last of the phases before the purchase. The make up artist’s advice or a sales assistant tip are highly appreciated for this kind of shopping experience.

At this particular time, however, the rational factor has an heavy role and concern about the risk of contagion should not be underestimated as it represents the first major block to the return to stores.

In the beauty sector this element is greatly accentuated by the fact that the contact with the object, the product test or the interaction with the make up artist were a important motivation to make the purchase experience offline. Before the Covid 19, cosmetics were used to making experience marketing one of its cornerstones. The pandemic will lead to a re-examination of the way experiences are designed and what was previously entrusted to senses such as touch and smell must now necessarily be mediated by technology.

Create an environment that allows customers to try or know the product in the safest way is the most effective way to get the public to bond to the brand. Today, more than ever, experience marketing campaigns are imposing a new parameter of measurement beyond the ROI. Let’s talk about the Return on Experience.

The experience marketing will have to be based on touch-less device and olfactory marketing will ban the spray to testing the product.
For these two important and necessary challenges the technology already offers available solutions: space sensors and artificial intelligence to manage the traffic inside the store and to assist customers in interaction with the product, “smart digital signage” with touch-less interactions to offer insights and advice in relation to the profile and characteristics of the customer, interactions with the product through RFID technology, dispensing olfactory traces with fragrance activators without aerosol and so on. Munogu’s experience marketing solutions have been designed to help retailers in this transition and bring digital technology within the physical retail experience but with an invisible approach.

Munogu approach is focused on a technology that is perfectly  integrated with the store’s environment (Technology Hidden Approach) and an interface that reflects the natural mode of gestural interaction (Natural User Interface approach).

Returning to normality after the pandemic will require reconsidering the motivations that move client to visit store. The offer of a quality service and in total safety, the opportunity to live a rich experience will be crucial to attract the public to the store.



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