Public and retail spaces SAFER for both the clients and the staff.

SPACE SAVER  is key for supporting Companies in managing the behavioral change imposed by the recent emergency caused by COVID 19 pandemic disease while stepping back efficiently into operations.
SpaceSaver is the newest feature of the Kiosk Omnichannel Technology Suite and it is a queue and social distancing management tool. It was conceived in order to provide Companies and Public Institution with a powerful tool to best manage the New Normal by getting faster back into business.


Space Saver achieves two important goals:



SATURATION WARNING _It helps to manage a safe and well organized access to public spaces, offices and shops.



PROXIMITY WARNING _It has been designed to help retailer and public offices in monitoring the respect of safety distances (relative crowding and minimum distance social standards).



The Saturation Warning feature allows Clients to set up the maximum number of individuals allowed to enter contemporarily into a public space trough a very easy-to-manage app. Once the limit of people inside the public space (office or retail space)) is reached, the app emits an audio/video saturation warning (for example through messages appearing on screens placed in the display windows) inviting customers to wait before entering. It is also possible to trigger automatic strategies for closing/opening doors.




Proximity Warning feature allows to detect (relative) distance between people, helping to avoid close contact between individuals.
In the event that two individuals get too close (e.g. less than one meter or less than a certain distance limit set by the System Manager through the app) the system is able to react -in less than 100 milliseconds- emitting an audio/video warning signal inviting Customers to respect the recommended distance according to the pre-set safety standards.

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