Switch to the omnichannel customer journey

starting a dialogue that puts the client at the center of every experience wherever this occurs, in the physical places of contact with your key audience, on the internet and on Social Networks

The solution for the shopping fragmentation.

People's expectations have changed. Customers are looking for brand value and connection with it in consumer and pre-consumption experiences. The product is the form through which to transmit a cultural message, and the company is a "director of experience". It is no longer a matter of selling a pair of shoes, but the culture of sport and the prosperity that comes from it.

Getting these results comes from knowing how to offer significant cross-channel experiences, starting a dialogue that puts the customer at the center of every experience wherever this occurs, in physical contact locations with your key audience, the internet, and Social Networks.

"A fully-involved client offers an average 23% premium in terms of portfolio share, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth with the average customer." — GALLUP CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE CENTER

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